Honored Artist of Russia
Laureate of the State Award of the Russian Federation
Emmy Awards Nominee of American TV Academy

Alexander was born in Vladikavkaz in 1948.
At the age of 18 he moved to Moscow and enrolled at Art school.
When he was 22, he entered to Moscow State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK),
and studied there for 5 years. The best university for cinema and humanities education in Europe.

Dozens of feature films, theatre and TV shows, architectural and design projects are the life
of fantastic artist who really enjoys his work and does it at the highest professional level.

Architectural studio of classical design

The Alexander Popov Studio was founded in 1995 as part of Andrey Dellos’s restaurant holding.
Dellos was the co-author of the fundamental ideas and the artistic director of the projects, nudecamshd big boobs.

Restaurants Turandot, Shinok, Le Duke, Casta Diva, the Pushkin Café, and fast casual eatery Mu-mu
the most colorful and ambitious restaurant projects in Moscow.


The projects were implemented by a team of designers and builders under the leadership of Alexander Popov.
Masha Yarovitsina
Boris Kapitanov
Design engineer
Edward Matadian
Natalia Burkot

In 2008 the studio became an independent company, designing and building architectural and decorative facilities in Russia and other countries. The primary stylistic genre of the work is classical, but there are also modern projects.